About Little Legends Learning Academy

The mission of Little Legends Learning Academy is to teach, nurture and love children. We desire to do this through Christ centered, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) educational experiences, resulting in school readiness and a love for Jesus.

We are beyond excited to be launching our child development center for the 2020-2021 school year. Little Legends is a ministry of C3 Church on 78 in Loganville, Georgia. In our first year of operation, we will be offering programs for children ages three and four. While we follow the licensing requirements for the State of Georgia, Little Legends is not a day care facility and is not licensed by the State of Georgia.

We consider it a privilege to partner with you in the development of your child. We strongly believe that open communication between parents and school staff is essential to fully meet your child’s needs. We look forward to developing a positive and trusting relationship with you.

God’s World

To provide a loving environment where a child can grow in God’s world through experience, interaction, and exploration with the guidance of Christian teachers.

Increase Skills

To increase the child’s listening skills, self-expression, independent work and play habits, as well as decision-making abilities.


To encourage the child’s self-confidence, concern for others, cooperation in work and play, and enjoyment of sharing.


To introduce and utilize STEAM initiatives - allowing children to experiment and discover fresh ways of learning.


“Curriculum” is a term used to describe all of the components or elements used in our early education program. Curriculum includes directed activities, play and exploration centers, outdoor physical development, thematic activities, instructional materials, and texts.

Bible is integrated throughout the day. We will use Bible stories, character building stories, music, and prayer as part of our curriculum. We want the children to know God loves us, Jesus is our friend, the Bible is God’s Word, and prayer is our time to talk to God. Doctrine from any particular denomination is not taught.

Development of the whole child is a team effort, with instruction and experience in the classroom being supported and reinforced at home. You can help your child get the most out of his/her learning opportunities as well as continue the learning experience at home by talking with your child about class activities.

Learning Academy Schedule

Here is an example of a typical day at Little Legends

  • 9:00

    School begins, school prayer and flag salutes
  • 9:10

    Welcoming time, music, Bible time, calendar, memory verse, circle time, wash up for snack (days of the week, weather)
  • 9:40

    Snack, helpers, attendance
  • 9:55

    Curriculum activities, language, concept goals, & learning centers
  • 10:25

    Craft (art), story time, science & motor skills
  • 10:55

    Outside time (classes take turns)
  • 11:25

    Math, pick up/clean up
  • 12:00


Tuition and Fees

Our academy exists as a non-profit organization, with tuition and fees established to help with the basic cost of operation. Tuition is as follows:

3 Days a Week


3 Day Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

4 Days a Week


4 Day Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

School starts September 2020!


Connect With Us


The driveways must remain clear at all times. Do not park along the red curbs. Do not leave your car engine running when you leave the car and do not leave small children unattended inside the car. Please hold your child’s hand while walking to and from the school building. Do not leave your car unlocked with your purse or valuables inside, even if you are only gone for a few minutes.

Handicapped parking spaces are clearly marked and are available for use by handicapped only. If you carpool to work, please do not leave your car in our parking lot for the day. Our parking is limited and we need all spaces daily.